Why do I need a buying agent for property?

Let’s just a step back with you and think how buying and selling property traditionally operates, in three summarised steps:

  1. A vendor, whether that’s a home owner, an investor or portfolio investor, decides to sell their property.
  2. Standard practice is that they contact several estate agents for valuations.
  3. The seller’s property goes live on the market, portals are populated, viewings materialise and the vendor goes in a three way conversation with estate agent and buyers making offers. Exchange and completion takes place.

Now what Masutes are proposing is akin to the American model and comes with major advantages, namely:


A property sale can take anything from 6 weeks to 6 months or more. If you’re in a position where you need to sell quickly, this can be frustrating and time-consuming. You have viewers but are they in a position to proceed? Have they been financially qualified? Does your estate agent tell you this as a seller?  We can save you time, a massive amount of time, as we are property finance experts. Someone who wants to buy your commercial property with no deposit is not a buyer at all, as commercial mortgages have stricter lending criteria than residential. We know all about funding property transactions and can speed up the purchasing process.


Masutes have experience and expertise in negotiations on property, meaning we can take over on your behalf. You may or may not be comfortable with negotiating, but, you can rest assured, we are.

To find out more about how we can help you, contact one of our team today.


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